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4 Pens

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Misplaced a pen or ran out of ink?

Enhance your child's colouring masterpieces with our vibrant set of 4 dry-erase pens, in the colours red, yellow, dark green and light blue. 

Want even more colours to choose from? Check out our set of 12 pens, with or without a pencil case.

Key Features

Scribble Mat colour palette - Featuring the Scribble Mat signature colours of red, yellow, dark green and light blue.  

Quick-drying - Our pens feature vivid, quick-drying ink that minimises smudging, allowing your child to colour easily without getting pen on their hands. Perfect for lefties too!

Easily erasable - Our pens are dry-erase which means they can be wiped clean with a dry or damp cloth from our silicone mats without staining. Please note that we cannot guarantee that they will not stain clothing, thus supervision whilst children are using the pens may be necessary. We can confirm that they will wipe off non-porous surfaces such as tables, walls and car doors as we have tested these.

Non-toxic and safety compliant - The pens contain ink that is safe for little hands and mouths. Our pens are independently tested and meet the stringent AUS/NZ, U.S. Canada, EU and UK safety standards. Suitable for all artists of ages 3+.

What's Included?

4 x dry-erase pens in the colours red, yellow, dark green and light blue

Care Instructions

Replace lids when not in use. Keep away from clothes and non-porous surfaces that may stain.