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For little hands with big imaginations

Why our brand is unique

Our reusable mats have well thought out designs that are cleverly themed, right down to the colour selection of the pens and felt pouch.
Children and young people can become overwhelmed by choice - the idea behind the limited colours is to engage the child in the act of colouring/drawing, without becoming overwhelmed or sidetracked by an abundance of coloured pens to choose from.

The artwork has been illustrated by local and international artists. All this makes Scribble Mat the perfect accessory for mums on the go.

All packed up in a unique felt pouch, with slots for the pens and mat, rolling up for easy storage. We also offer custom cleaning cloths to accompany our packs.

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We love that you love our mats

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Review by Liz @playinginstyle

@playinginstyle If you don’t own a @scribble_mat yet, then you are missing out! You may have seen our latest reel showing Scribble Mat as one of our top 6 toys to take out and about and for good reason. It’s compact, portable and keeps Isla busy for ages!After deliberating over which brand of reusable colouring mat to buy, I finally decided on @scribble_mat. The main selling points for me were:

🖍 Felt pouch - a clever way to hold the pens, mat and cleaning cloth while also allowing for the mat to be easily transported due to its compact nature

🖍 4 pens only - some may think this is a downside but I think having less choice is great for kids as it’s not so overwhelming! Less pens to misplace too 😉

🖍 Pictures - I looove how cute the designs of the mats are! In my opinion, they are more toddler friendly than others on the market that are crowded with pictures as well as the alphabet or numerals

🖍 Reusable cleaning cloth - I love that a product that is designed to be reused comes with a cloth that can be reused too 🙌

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Our Ethos


    We designed our mats to require no packing or needless waste materials. We use recyclable mailers and stamp our logos.


    Scribble Mat was created to help reduce the amount of paper used for activities, and offer children screen free time.


    The mats are made from FDA approved BPA free food grade silicone, and wipe clean. Our safety compliant non toxic pens are specially designed, and erasable.


    Every purchase you make has an impact on our planet, please think before you buy and help us in creating a sustainable planet for our children to come.

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