Where can I purchase Scribble Mat? Scribble Mat is stocked in all states of Australia in gift shops, toy shops, online stores, national park visitor centres, and tourism shops. New stockists are signing up everyday. We are also stocked in NZ. We post worldwide and you can purchase direct from our website. We use recyclable tough mail bags with our logo stamped on and encourage you to recycle them.

What makes you different to other similar brands? The beauty of having different brands is we all offer something different and consumers have choice. Our packs are: gender neutral, uncluttered, and have zero excess packaging such as cardboard tags and labels. Our felt pouches are durable, washable, and perfectly fit the pens and mats they come with. Our designs are fun, fit a range of ages, and we collaborate with Australian artists!

Are your pens washable? Our pens are specially designed erasable whiteboard markers and we suggest only using our pens on the mats. They will wipe off the mats and hard surfaces such as wooden tables and walls but may be absorbed into fabrics. We cannot guarantee they will wash out of clothes; please supervise children when using pens.

Can the pens be used on both sides of the mats? Yes ! We specifically didn't do designs on both sides of our mats because if you colour on one side and flip it to use the back you could end up with pen marks on your table/tablecloth. The reverse is a blank canvas for writing, drawing and games. Check our social media for ideas.

Will you be selling all of the pens? 2023 will see some new and exciting products added to the brand, so watch this space! We have more to offer that sticks with our ethos of activities without screens, and products that are thought out and as waste free as possible.

Why are there limited pens? When we started we selected four main pen colours. The pens slot into the felt pouch with the mat making a complete portable product for storage and ease. More pens = more to lose, overwhelm for children, and less focus on the process of colouring. This way children can just colour without worrying about needing specific pens for the mat characters. Rainbow and stripy animals are fun!


How do I clean the mats? We sell a custom cleaning cloth that can be used on our mats. The cloth can be used dry or if the pen has been left on for a while we suggest making the cloth damp. The cloth can be washed in the washing machine, but please put it into a pillowcase or smalls bag. We cannot guarantee that other brand pens will clean off our mats.

Are your products safe? Our pens are safety compliant non toxic erasable whiteboard markers. We have test reports that meet the U.S. Canada, EU, UK and AUS/NZ safety standards.  The silicone mats are FDA approved BPA free food grade silicone. We consult ACCC documents.

How big are the mats? The standard mats measure 40 x 30cm and come with four pens in a coloured felt pouch.

The mini mats measure 20 x 15cm and come with three pens in a coloured felt pouch.

The giant mat measures 60 x 40cm and comes with eight pens in a black felt pouch and is ideal for sharing.

Why is my felt pouch stiff? Our felt pouches are sent to us flat. We then pack each one individually with the pens and mats and roll the pouches. As they are used the pouch becomes less stiff and so do the pen slots.
Is Scribble Mat suitable for children under 3? Scribble Mat is ideal for children over the age of three as they can comfortably hold the pens and are usually out of the mouthing stage. Young children must always be supervised with pens due to the potential for choking on a pen lid.

Since opening in 2021 our packs have been given to: flood relief support, Ronald McDonald house charity, homeless shelter families, and auctions for children. If you want us to support your cause please email us.