My name is Emma and I am the person behind Scribble Mat™. I live on a hobby farm in Tasmania and this lifestyle influences my product ideas and designs.

Scribble Mat™ started in 2021 when I wanted something to have in the car other than pens and paper.  With Scribble Mat™, children can colour in the mats then wipe them clean, ready to be used again. Their compact size and portability means they are perfect for the car, plane, handbag or nappy bag.

As a mum, I like simple play activities that are screen-free and this is at the heart of ScribbIe Mat. I want to be as waste free as possible which ties into my less is more approach to pens and packaging. I find creativity can be sparked without an abundance of resources, and connection with children should be encouraged.

The pens and mats fit into the felt pouch for easy storage, and when you purchase our packs they will be posted to you without any extra packaging or tags. We use recyclable mail bags and stamp our logo avoiding printing stickers.

Our range has expanded since we first opened, but at the forefront of all our ideas is reusability, gender neutral ideas, and being as waste free as we can.

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