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Near and Far GIANT Reusable Scribble Mat

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"Near and Far"- GIANT Reusable Mat

The reusable giant mat comes with a black pouch and eight pens

Mat measures 60x40cm so is double the size of a normal mat. Scribble and wipe clean.

Special offer, receive a complimentary custom cleaning cloth. *Limited to our online retail customers*

This reusable mat is one of a kind in that we paid to have a machine make this specially for us.

Perfect for sharing or spreading out on the table. The pack comes with a black pouch and eight pens.

Our pens are specially designed to be used only for these reusable silicone mats. If used incorrectly they may stain areas off the mats and little ones clothes. Please supervise your child’s use of the pens.

Let children have fun colouring space, earth, landscapes and landmarks.

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