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Mini - Number Fun Reusable Scribble Mat

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Make learning numbers fun with the help of our animal friends!

Introducing 'Number Fun,' where the magic of numbers meets the charm of adorable animals on a compact canvas of creativity! This mini reusable mat transforms counting into an engaging adventure as the numbers 0-9 take the shape of delightful animals.

Whether it's a graceful swan for the number 2 or a curious spider for 8, these number-animals add a playful touch to early learning. ‘Number Fun' encourages hands-on learning, allowing young minds to explore the world of numbers with colour and excitement!

Key Features

Easy, wipe-clean silicone – Say goodbye to paper waste and hello to sustainable, reusable creativity. Our smooth silicone mat (measuring 20 x 15 cm) offers a mess-free canvas for children to colour over and over again. Simply wipe clean with a cloth after each use for countless artistic endeavours.

Not just for colouring – Use as a placemat when eating, in baking as an alternative to baking paper (can withstand temperatures up to 220ºC), as a playdough mat, in sensory and bookish play, or even as an educational resource to learn about the mat theme.  

Screen-free entertainment sorted – Roll the mat out during family gatherings, at cafes and restaurants, while waiting for appointments, use it in classrooms, or simply enjoy quiet moments of colouring at home.

Child-safe – Your child’s safety is our priority, and hence our colouring mats are FDA approved and made from BPA-free, food grade silicone. Our products are independently tested and meet the stringent AUS/NZ, U.S. Canada, EU and UK safety standards. Suitable for all artists of ages 3+.

Good for the planet – We make a conscious effort to reduce waste as a brand, so you won’t find extra plastic packaging or cardboard sleeves/ tags on our mats.

What's Included?

1 x mini sized silicone mat, measuring 20 x 15cm

Note: No pens or pouches are included with our Solo Mats. To purchase pens separately, please click here.

To store this mat and make it easy for taking on-the-go, we recommend purchasing our NEW binder pouches. Alternatively, solo mats can be placed alongside another mat inside one of our pouches that come included in our Original, Mini, and Six Pen ranges.

Care Instructions

After colouring, wipe the mat clean with our Custom Cleaning Cloth (can be used dry or wet) or a baby wipe. For a deep clean, wash your mats with warm soapy water or place in the dishwasher. Hang to dry with the tab on the side of the mat.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Carter
Out and About

I love that the minis fit so easily into your nappybag, handbag or I just throw one in the pram when we are heading to a cafe. Easiest entertainment ever!