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In The Garden Reusable Scribble Mat

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Let your child’s imagination bloom, as they colour, learn and celebrate the wonders in the garden

Step into a world of natural wonders with our ‘In the Gardenreusable colouring mat – an immersive garden habitat that reveals the magic above and below ground. From buzzing bees and vibrant flowers above ground to wriggling worms and vegetables below ground, the dual perspective provided in this mat captures what garden life is all about.

Key Features

Easy, wipe-clean silicone – Say goodbye to paper waste and hello to sustainable, reusable creativity. Our smooth silicone mat (measuring 40 x 30 cm) offers a mess-free canvas for children to colour over and over again. Simply wipe clean with a cloth after each use for countless artistic endeavours.

Four pens for a reason – The perfect amount of pens for colouring on the go. Just enough for colourful designs, not too many to keep track of in a busy cafe or doctors waiting room. Our pens feature vivid, quick-drying ink that minimises smudging, allowing your child to colour easily without getting pen on their hands. Our pens are dry-erase, which means they can be wiped clean with a dry or damp cloth from our silicone mats without staining. Please note that we cannot guarantee that they will not stain clothing, thus supervision whilst children are using the pens may be necessary. For pens that wash out of clothing, see our NEW washable pen sets.

Convenient felt storage pouch – Never lose a pen again with our signature felt storage pouch! Tying up securely with elastic, the durable felt pouch contains slots to house the silicone mat and four pens, helping little ones keep track when packing up independently. The roll-up felt pouch makes this colouring pack a portable, all-in-one activity for on-the-go creativity.

Compact and portable – Dining out and travelling never felt so easy! Pack the compact felt pouch into your bag and you’re ready to enjoy stress-free trips and mealtimes when out and about.

Screen-free entertainment sorted – Roll the mat out during family gatherings, at cafes and restaurants, while waiting for appointments, use it in classrooms, or simply enjoy quiet moments of colouring at home.

Not just for colouring – Use as a placemat when
eating, in baking as an alternative to baking paper (can withstand temperatures up to 220ºC), as a playdough mat, in sensory and bookish play, or even as an educational resource to learn about the mat theme.  

Child-safe – Your child’s safety is our priority, and hence our colouring mats are FDA approved and made from BPA-free, food grade silicone. Our pens are non-toxic and contain ink that is safe for little hands and mouths. Our products are independently tested and meet the stringent AUS/NZ, U.S. Canada, EU and UK safety standards. Suitable for all artists of ages 3+.

Good for the planet – We make a conscious effort to reduce waste as a brand, so you won’t find extra plastic packaging or cardboard sleeves/ tags on our colouring packs.

What's Included?

  • 1 x standard sized silicone mat, measuring 40 x 30 cm
  • 4 x dry-erase pens in the colours red, yellow, dark green and light blue
  • 1 x felt storage pouch

Care Instructions

  • Silicone mat - after colouring, wipe the mat clean with our Custom Cleaning Cloth (can be used dry or wet) or a baby wipe. For a deep clean, wash your mats with warm soapy water or place in the dishwasher. Hang to dry with the tab on the side of the mat.
  • Pens – replace lids when not in use. Keep away from clothes and non-porous surfaces that may stain.
  • Felt pouch – wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Colouring fun that just keeps giving!

This garden design has been so fun so exploring language around outdoor play, insects and gardening. And is such a space saver for on the go compared to a colouring in book and pencil case!

She absolutely LOVED it!!

My SIL (who is a grown up and mother to a cheeky 1yo girl) really enjoyed playing with the Seasons scribble mat with my son a few months ago and mentioned that she would one day buy something like this for her daughter when she was old enough. Little did she know that I had secretly bought her "In The Garden" for her birthday, and when she found out, she was over the moon! Needless to say, we love Scribble Mats' versatility and aesthetically pleasing designs that are a hit with both kids and adults alike. I guess we are still young at heart in the end.

Kirby Woodard
Great for kids

Our daughter has another scribble mat that she loves so much so we bought some as gifts. We recently bought the In the garden mat for a 5 year old who loves it. Easy to use and clean!

Sarah Carter
Perfect for all ages

The Garden mat is just so beautiful. It gives my littlies so many opportunities to create beautiful pieces over and over again.