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Magic Colour Changing Gumboots

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Get your kids excited about going outside with our Magic Colour Changing Gumboots!

When thinking about how Scribble Mat could evolve as a brand, I wanted a product that, like the reusable mats, provided an activity that was screen-free. As a family that live on a hobby farm in Tasmania, we always wear gumboots, and so the idea of gumboots was formed. Gumboots allow children to get messy, explore, and have adventures. I decided to use the 'In the Garden' mat design on the boots as it ties in with the theme of getting children outside and exploring. Take the boots puddle jumping, hiking, in the garden, to the beach or camping.

The boots are gender neutral black and white, but the element that makes us stand out is that the white birds on the boots change to a bright blue colour when wet. Children will love standing and jumping in puddles to see the birds change colour. Our magic colour changing gumboots will be sure to brighten your child’s day!

Available in sizes EU 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36 covering ages 3-8.

Designed and tested in Australia.

Our gumboots have been handmade and the design stretched onto a boot. This may lead to some imperfections that are unavoidable and are part of the handmade process. We make every effort to provide you with the best product we can. Please do not store the boots in direct sunlight.

Key Features

Colour change birds – The best feature about our gumboots is that the white birds change blue when the boots get wet! Your child will be begging you to jump in every puddle they see!

Soft and comfortable – Our waterproof gumboots are made from natural soft rubber, with a natural cotton lining and anti-slip sole, making them perfect for all day wear.

Gender neutral – Featuring a black boot with white illustrations, our gumboots are perfect for both boys and girls to wear.

Boot handles – Encouraging children to independently put their boots on.

Versatile storage bag - Each pair of boots comes in a white, canvas drawstring bag, perfect as a storage bag for the boots or a bag for your child. This fits with our ethos of less packaging and avoiding boxes and tags.

What's Included?

  • 1 x pair of Colour Change Gumboots (available in sizes EU 26 - 36)
  • 1 x drawstring storage bag

Care Instructions

Wipe the gumboots clean with a wet cloth when dirty.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

We love the colour changing gumboots so much we bought two pairs!

Jessica M
Perfect wet weather boots

These gumboots are such a great addition for those wet weather months. My toddler loves splashing in puddles and watching the birds change colour!